Do you include audio?

Yes, if you want your vows or other bits included then I’m happy to add them to the video. Some people like to hear all the vows, others just a snippet, if you have a preference let me know.


Audio can be tricky to capture if it is a windy day or if the venue is in a noisy spot. If this is the case, we can do a smaller version of what we do on productions and dub over. This can either be done by reading me your vows on the day in a private room when getting ready or sending me a recording.

What should we tell you?

Everything! Vendors aren’t mind readers so the more you tell us the better. The good, the bad, the ugly we want to know.

Make sure you let us know if there are any specific people, moments or shots you want captured. And send us pictures for reference. On the other hand, if you have a guest you have to invite but don’t really want featured in your video, let us know this too.

Let me know if there is a video you like of mine or others or styles of editing you always enjoy so I know what works for you.


Do you meet beforehand?

I love to meet with clients beforehand, but I know it isn’t always possible. If we can’t meet in person, it’s great to still do a Zoom call. I do send out a questionnaire as well so if planning is super busy I will still know what you are after.


Do you include Raw footage?

No, raw footage isn’t footage that is for viewing. For a highlight video, we swap and change and move around to get all the action which makes for some pretty wacky footage before editing. If something is really important to you have a talk to me about it.

How do you pick the music?

In order for you to share your video, I use copyright free music. Unfortunately, this means, most songs you know can not be used, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram block videos very quickly that use music they don’t have the rights to. And getting the rights can cost your thousands.

I primarily use a music site called sound stripe which I pay a subscription for to have access to thousands of songs.


If you want to pick your music, let me know and I will send you to the site and ask you to pick 4-5 songs you would be happy with. If you aren’t worried then let me know what music/genres you like. I normally pick songs from this information or based on the music you picked for your ceremony and first dance.

How do we book?

Either go to my prices page or send me an email. At booking I will send you a contract and if you are happy with everything on the contract I ask for a 30% deposit to secure the booking.


Is there anything we should send you?

- Your timeline

- Any references to pictures or videos you love

- Pictures of loved ones you want to make sure are captured

- If you have booked photography then you will need to send over your photography list

Do you have any tips for planning the wedding?

- Over plan, then the day before set a time to stop, relax and enjoy. On the day know you have planned everything you can so you can just enjoy it and know if anything doesn’t go to plan, it’s ok it will still be a great day.

- Let your vendors know everything - we aren’t mind readers so don’t be afraid to ask for something

- It’s not a photoshoot, remember to enjoy your day. See your guests, have fun.

- Remind your venders to eat/drink it can be a long day (normally in the sun) and our minds are on capturing every moment, so we can forget.

- Make your family and friends photos big groups

- A lot of couples can get a bit over the Family and friends portraits, so keep the groups big and you’ll get through them in no time.

How fast will I get my video/images?

Editing can take a long time, I always aim to make sure the video and photos not only capture the essence of the day but also you as a couple. I send over the highlight video and images within 6 weeks.